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SEO is our passion. We run effective seo campaigns in Google search engine.

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During our work in SEO we have carried out many projects in various sectors. You can trust us!

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Effective positioning will increase the visibility of your website in the search engine. Let yourself be found by potential customers!

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We will take care of the optimization and positioning of your website. We operate in every sector!

Content Marketing

Many years of experience in SEO Copywriting allows us to provide each partner with high quality, optimized content for pre-selected keywords. Check what types of content we are able to provide!


We will create a modern, fast and dynamic website for you. Then we will take care of its optimization and positioning.

About us

The SEO agency WolfBrothers is founded in response to the market demand for top quality SEO services. Many years of experience and hundreds of completed projects allow us to meet the objectives of businesses from various industries. We create a team of experienced specialists who are not afraid of challenges, and every step towards the victory of our Partners is a thing without which the day would be lost.

Programmed to win and achieve goals, we strive for continuous development and offer services that ensure business development. The industry in which you operate does not matter to us. If you need services related to website positioning and optimization or SEO Copywriting – contact us. Together, we will set the path to the top of search results.


SEO for your webiste

Internet marketing is beginning to gain more and more supporters, and this is related not only to the popularity of modern information technologies, but also to the effectiveness of this type of activities. One of its tools is website positioning. Thanks to optimization and positioning of the website we are able to increase its visibility in the search engine. Reaching a larger number of users we will significantly increase the number of customers.

Currently, the state of website visibility in the network has a huge impact on the number of customers and the recognition of the company. Just creating a website is not enough to attract new customers for business. Positioning of websites allows you to increase traffic and visibility, and thus helps in gaining leads. Remember that Google search engine is used by 96.3% of Internet users in Poland. Among them there are many potential customers who can use your services. Let them find you and use website positioning to do this.

Main benefits of SEO

more visibility

More visibility

By positioning the website you will get more visibility in Google search engine, and thus more and more users will be able to find you.

More traffic

More visibility = more traffic. This will increase your chances of increasing sales.

more traffic

More sales

The main objective of website positioning is to increase sales. By generating more visibility and traffic, you will have the chance to multiply your sales.

Business growth

If you achieve more sales in the online store you will be able to develop your business. Of course, we will also be with you then, providing you with support and extending the effects achieved so far.

Stages of cooperation

Offer and start of cooperation

We will prepare an offer tailored to your needs. After accepting the terms and conditions and arrangements we will prepare a contract and establish cooperation. From now on, we will work on individual stages of SEO in order to achieve satisfactory results related to the visibility of your website in Google!

SEO audit

SEO audit is the foundation of every cooperation. Thanks to it we will prepare the website to the requirements of search engines. Our SEO Audits are extremely detailed and contain dozens of points that will bring your website closer to achieving high positions for selected keywords.

Link profile analysis

The analysis of the link profile is an element of SEO Audit. We perform it in every cooperation in order to check the quality of links leading to the website. Both the links and their quality have a huge impact on the positioning of websites. We will make sure that your link profile consists only of those of the highest quality.


During the cooperation we will gain high quality, thematic links to your website. Among other things, thanks to such a campaign, the website will reach high positions in the search engine, for previously selected keywords.


Each month of cooperation ends with the submission of a detailed SEO Report to the customer, which will include information about the status of the website in the search engine. SEO reports are prepared individually and contain not only dry information, but also comments from a specialist.

Growth projects

Positioning and optimization of websites is not everything. One of the important elements is also the development of the website. During the cooperation we will propose various development projects allowing for constant development of the website.

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ul. Płk. Dąbka 8/307, 30-732 Kraków
NIP: 679-317-84-79
REGON: 382149750

Paweł Bugno: +48 516 790 542 / pawel@wolfbrothers.net

Kamil Sasuła: +48 889 793 818 / kamil@wolfbrothers.net

Our strengths
We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

We treat each partner individually and adjust the strategy directly to their requirements. Thanks to this, each cooperation leads to satisfaction of both sides.

We measure our experience in the number of completed projects and achieved results. We have been working with many stores and websites for many years. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the principles of positioning and optimization, we provide our Partners with services enabling them to increase revenues from organic results.

When you work with WolfBrothers, you will be informed of all the steps that will be taken to increase the visibility of your website in the search engine. We focus on communicativeness and good relations with Partners. Thanks to this, the cooperation is satisfactory for both parties. Agreements are signed for an indefinite period of time – you will be able to resign from cooperation at any time. We believe that joint work and achieved results will convince the client that it is worth working with us. Before starting cooperation, we will explain the whole process and determine the time when the first effects will appear.

Many people are not aware that the audit is the basis for any action to improve the visibility of the website in the search engine. Google Robot analyzes hundreds of elements that have their own weight (they are a ranking factor). Therefore, we must try to ensure that our website is the best suited to the requirements of the search engine. The introduction of individual audit elements brings us closer and closer to achieving better results.

We approach each project individually, preparing a detailed plan of service positioning. We use the best tools supporting SEO activities and we have our own, original programs. Thanks to that we are able to do our job even more accurately and take care of the good of our Partners’ websites.

Don't wait, the rivals don't sleep!


ul. Płk. Dąbka 8/307, 30-732 Kraków
NIP: 679-317-84-79
REGON: 382149750

Paweł Bugno:
+48 516 790 542

Kamil Sasuła:
+48 889 793 818

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